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Record Number: 6692649-CN

Construction Permit

Record Status: Completed

Expiration Date: 11/29/2020


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You can find all fees assessed to date for your application or permit listed below.

For your outstanding fees:

  • To view or print a statement of fees due, select Reports in the upper right corner and select Fees Due Statement.
  • To make a credit card payment, select the Pay Fees link. For additional information, see How to Pay Fees.

For your paid fees:

  • To view or print your receipt, select the View Receipt link.
  • To view or print a report of all fees assessed and payments received to date, select Reports in the upper right corner and select Payment and Fee Detail.

Inspections & Appointments

To view all inspections on this permit, click the Reports link in the upper right, next to the Login button. It displays all inspections submitted into our system by the end of the previous day.

Common Inspection Tips:

  • To schedule a Pre-Construction Conference or Grading Season meeting, please call (206) 684-8860 between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.
  • To schedule a Land Use/Design Review inspection, please email the assigned Land Use Planner at least one week before the desired inspection date. Their information is displayed on the construction permit face.
  • For Electrical inspections, we may conduct virtual inspections when practical to help slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • For Side Sewer permits, Sanitary Final and Drainage Final inspections cannot be scheduled online. Please schedule a Sanitary Cover or Drainage Cover for all side sewer inspection needs.
  • If you are having any other issues scheduling an inspection, please call our Customer Service line at (206) 684-8950 between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.
  • For Developer Contribution Housing Inspections only, contact the Office of Housing.

The Following Are Required:

There are no required inspections for this record number.

The Following Are Completed:



If you are submitting materials for permit application intake, in response to corrections, or in response to request from SDCI for additional information, please use the Make Changes button that appears next to the record on the My Records page. Using the Make Changes button will ensure your materials  are seen and put in the queue for review by SDCI staff. You should only upload materials through the attachments page when SDCI staff specifically tell you to use this page.

To upload your document, you need to attach it to your application. After selecting your documents, choose a Type and add a Description for each document.

If you have multiple files that are plan like, do not upload them as separate plan set documents. Instead, consolidate them into one plan set document for upload. This applies when you upload your plan set and correction response plan set. Watch an overview of our new review process.

The maximum file size allowed is 1000 MB.
386;3gr;add;ade;adp;asp;bas;bat;cad;chm;cmd;com;com;cpl;crt;dbx;dif;dll;docm;dot;dotm;dotx;dwg;dxf;exe;fon;hlp;hta;htm;html;inf;ins;isp;jar;js;jse;lib;lnk;mdb;mde;mht;mhtml;msc;msi;msp;mst;ocx;odt;pcd;php;pif;ppt;pptm;pptx;prn;rar;reg;rtf;scr;sct;shb;shs;slk;sys;txt;url;vb;vb[usrv:es];vbe;vbs;vxd;wps;ws[usrv:cfh];wsc;wsf;wsh;xla;xlam;xlsb;xlsm;xlt;xml;zip are disallowed file types to upload.


Notes from SDCI (3 total, newest first):

Date Subject Message
04/24/2019 6692649-cn-HOLD Health Letter Plans and permit application are now approved and ready for issuance. Although, your project is currently on hold awaiting your King County Health Approval letter. To upload, please go into the record, click on “attachments” and follow the prompts to upload as an optional upload. Please note only use this upload option when SDCI requests it. Thanks. Please email a copy to Sending an email is the only way we will know this form has been provided so we can release the hold and allow this permit to be issued. Or, send it to me at it will be issue. Once received the Forms and all fees paid, project approved documents will be uploaded to your Portal. This letter serves as your written notification that if the remaining fees are not paid within 60 days of the date on this notification, the application will be subject to cancellation without further notice (see Seattle Residential Code R105.6.4, Seattle Building Code 106.6.4, or Seattle Land use Code 23.76.028.C).
10/23/2018 note to customer Please contact the Department of Neighborhoods; a Certificate of Approval may be necessary for the restaurant occupancy prior to zoning review approval. You can reach Rebecca Frestedt, the International Special Review District Coordinator, at
10/19/2018 Health Approval Letter Your project requires a Health Approval Letter. If not already done so, please apply directly with King County Health Services for the Health Approval Letter. Once received, please forward upload a copy during a correction cycle or email a copy to Seattle DCI ( as the approval is required prior to permit issuance. Thank you.

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