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Record Number: 007242-20CP

Code Compliance Complaint

Record Status: Completed


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There are no required inspections for this record number.



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You can attach photos or other supporting documents to your complaint. If you add photos or attachments to your complaint, they will become part of the public record and will be viewable by the public.

To upload your document, you need to attach it to your application. After selecting your documents, choose a Type and add a Description for each document.

The maximum file size allowed is 1000 MB.
386;3gr;add;ade;adp;asp;bas;bat;cad;chm;cmd;com;com;cpl;crt;dbx;dif;dll;docm;dot;dotm;dotx;dwg;dxf;exe;fon;hlp;hta;htm;html;inf;ins;isp;jar;js;jse;lnk;mdb;mde;mht;mhtml;msc;msi;msp;mst;ocx;odt;pcd;pif;ppt;pptm;pptx;prn;rar;reg;rtf;scr;sct;shb;shs;slk;sys;txt;url;vb;vb[usrv:es];vbe;vbs;vxd;wps;ws[usrv:cfh];wsc;wsf;wsh;xla;xlam;xlsb;xlsm;xlt;xml;zip are disallowed file types to upload.


There are no notes for this project.




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